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Corel TEXTURE probe density (b)

11. Next, we look at how the work surface. Click the layer order of the top layer, right side of the dialog box will become the surface the Options dialog box (Figure 12). This layer controls the texture details of the part of the combined effects of shading light layer of control. The control options are four, namely Roughness - roughness, Brilliance - gloss, Metallicity - metallic, Graininess - particles. Move the slider to observe the changes in the preview window. Click the dialog box above the drop-down menu, you can choose an existing model. Here, we will Roughness set 0.11, Graininess 0.05.

12. Let us look at lighting effects. Click on the surface of the three small light bulbs, adjusting the light dialog box. The role of these bulbs illuminated the surface texture. Click the corresponding 1,2,3 bulb switch, you can choose to open or close the source. Although in general we do not need special lighting we can clearly see the texture, (everything has exceptions, when you see the next step we will "shape and structure" dialog box to add except "Flat" other than form, or any edge, we need the support of at least one light source), but adding high-light and dark in tone, the more light will play a role. Mobile Ambient slider to change the light intensity. Move the pointer will change the light source position, from the color panel, drag the pointer on the color can change the lighting color. (Figure 13)

13. This is the control of the formation of the final texture - the shape and structure. This layer is in the order of the bottom layer. In this layer, you can add a variety of forms for the texture. Corel TEXTURE 10 has increased to eight kinds of texture patterns, which is quite rich! You can also add texture edge effect of varying degrees of relief. On the part of the specific details, we will be on the "Advanced Texture" section of the discussion, we simply maintain the original look. However, if a light source in the previous step with no choice, here's effects can not be achieved. Different light, great impact on the texture patterns. (Figure 14)

14. Now, you probably already have these layers of understanding, which is the texture image preview window into the time. In the Corel TEXTURE top of the screen menu bar and select Texture / Render to Window, the texture of a full preview will appear. This preview is when you save and export the final image, if satisfied, select the Texture / Render to File, the dialog box, select the export file path and image formats, you can choose to bmp, jpg, pcx, tga, tif five format to apply to different needs. Congratulations! The first texture has been born! (Figure 15)

15. In this texture will be applied to business cards before the last one still work to be done. Remember in the choice of texture resolution, we retained the default 72dpi it? We eventually hope to achieve business card size is 3.62 X 2.12 inches, a resolution of 200dpi, under 200 X 3.62 = 724,200 X 2.12 = 424, so we 72dpi resolution, the length and width of the texture are set to 724 pixels and 424 pixels. Now just in Corel PHOTO-PAINT (or other bitmap handler) to open the texture file you saved, select the Image / Resample command to adjust the texture size.

When the image size command dialog box appears on the screen, you will see in the image size of the column 10.0555 and 5.88889 inches, because a resolution of 72dpi's sake. Check the "Maintain aspect ratio" (to maintain aspect ratio) and Maintain original size (to keep original image size) option, the resolution to 200, then the screen will appear that we want the number - 3.62,2.12 . In this way, change the resolution, you can prepare to this pair of texture applied to your images to a. (Figure 16)

In fact, Corel TEXTURE, in the end we save the image before, you can File / Image Setup command to change the image resolution. However, there are only three resolutions to choose from, so we prefer to use the methods described earlier to achieve the objective.

If you convert between pixels and inches do not understand the words out, as long as the steps we have just used will not be out any errors. In the beginning we create a new texture, the resolution had been identified. For example, if a resolution of 200dpi, you want to get a 5 X 7-inch image, then you enter 1000 X 1400, in the texture into a file, use software replacement bitmap size, the change resolution before select "keep file size" option, then the resolution to 200dpi on it.

These are the basis of usage of Corel TEXTURE, with these simple steps, you can easily generate the thousands of kinds of texture. If you are not satisfied with creating these stones, wood texture, then the following we will discuss is how to use Corel TEXTURE to create a more realistic effect. Here we are coming into some advanced topics.


1. Run Corel PHOTO-PAINT, CorelDRAW comes with a third Open CD-ROM, select the path Photos/Pets/891005.wi, open this puppy picture. (Figure 17)

2. Application of the replacement image size command in the image size in proportion to the image reduced to 50%, then the image size is 338 X 507 pixels, click OK.

3. Once again run the image size command, the choice of the "Keep Original Size", will be from the original resolution of 72dpi to 200dpi, the image saved as dog.tif.

4. Open the Corel TEXTURE, new blank texture (Figure 18).

5. From the File menu, select "Image Setup" command, unit Pixels, resolution of 72 pixels / inch, width and height were 338 and 507 pixels. (Figure 19)

6. Now, you can add texture effect of this picture. In the default case, started with the screen on the shape and structure of the layer dialog box. In Algorithm select Bump Map (Figure 20).

7. Click No Picture button and select a picture from then pop up dialog box, choose the path we have just saved dog.tif, note the file type to select the TIFF 24-bit (*. tif). If you do not see the texture effect, on the left click on Stretch the first button, then click the third, so that the texture effect is appear in the preview window. Mobile Height slider, select the appropriate relief height (Figure 21).

8. Click the lighting level will be open all three light sources, lighting effects enhanced. You can also redefine the light source position. (Figure 22)


9. Now we come to see the effect. Select Texture / Render to Window, open the image preview, and now the image, like a cast of lead, which can not work. We have to make some, it becomes more attractive. (Figure 23)

10. Back to the texture window, click the shading layer, from the Algorithm drop-down menu, select "Picture", click No Picture button, again loading dog.tif, from the preview window you can see the image change (Figure 24), will now be saved as tif format texture image (Figure 25).

This relief effect can make your image interesting changes occurred. If you choose to use magic texture Logo started this relief effect, options let you choose a picture (usually a logo) to. After trying this method, I found both the images start from a ready-made, or from the use of magic to create a basic background, and texture, can have more control options to create different textures. Upon the completion of a background, we can use in the Bump Map to create a relief effect bitmap.

Let us continue to fulfill our business cards now! From CorelDRAW comes with the second CD, select a CDR format clip art (Figure 26), to convert it to a TIF format, grayscale images, and then put it in the wood just created in the image of the Bump Map (Figure 27). Here, we do not like just did this again in the shade level grayscale. Finally, Corel Photo-Paint then add some text in the image, this card and you're done. (Figure 28)

Now, I hope you have love on the Corel TEXTURE. You will find, to create an exquisite texture is no longer a headache to do, the only restricted, I am afraid only of your imagination! .

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