Thursday, September 23, 2010

VEGAS 5.0 audio Getting Started - Purchase of hardware for your

Here are all beginners should learn to participate in beginner, amateur recording point out, so the outset that my hardware is recommended for this application level, and act very professional audio applications, please visit some of the professional website, not here to make a very professional Recommended introduced.

First recommendation is that the microphone, the microphone is generally based on principle of moving coil and the condenser microphone into, you have to remember is that dynamic microphones sensitivity worse, point to very strong advantage is that the requirements of the environment is relatively quiet lower. High sensitivity condenser microphone to capture sharp details, the relatively high number of environmental requirements, very small voice easily recorded (flashlight microphone with a single point, heart-shaped point and multi-point, etc.).

As an amateur I think the purchase of cost-effective recording microphone on the line, recorded sound is handled well, out with good results. Microphone closer it gets to the smaller difference between high-priced properties, often spend a lot of money can only improve the quality of the limited recording, there is no other equipment not work also reflects excellent performance microphone. Recommendation on the market a JBL M90 microphone, frequency response curve is quite good, full sound quality transparent, recorded human voice is quite good, the market for just 200 yuan or so, I have this microphone recorded two years ago, original works sample, If you pass up easy listening, pay attention to other Maidaojiahuo. If you want professional for more than 1,000 yuan can buy earthquake membrane condenser microphone, please look at some other sites related to professional audio description.

Second recommendation is to pre-amplifier (the words up), this price varies widely, with hundreds of, but also tens of thousands, and expensive, not only would release, and also with other constraints such as hardware, such as pressure effects . Of course, you pay for.

I think if you love recording, and higher quality requirements of the recording, then buy more than 1000 yuan a professional, then put enough money spent, if the request is not very high, then proposed to the home karaoke machine as a preamp reverb OK also still can, you can save money. Not the kind of house you can buy a cheap reverb Kara OK machine (when recording only with his pre-amplification, all the other features like reverb, etc. all closed, to ensure a clean record is not out of rendering of the sound), as long as the current pre-amplifier section is not sound, amplified signal true on the line, the general market to sell 200 to 300.

Final recommendation is that the audio interface, I've been using the innovative SB LIVE! Sound card, used for many years, only recently spent 4,000 yuan to buy a piece of professional audio interface, feeling deep. Innovation is the SB LIVE! 5.1 selling for 350 yuan or so, although the sound quality is not good, but quite well, especially after the conversion and the KX-driven thousands of cards as competent professionals to live, recording quality and audio performance would be enhanced ASIO and GSIF support professional driver, an amateur production of both the MIDI music and sound recordings are fully good enough, and good compatibility of multimedia applications, and professional audio card, the main difference is the recording and playback sound quality on most people's ears and listen equipment does not sound too obvious, the most cost-effective, hematemesis recommended!

Hardware on these basic enough, like the microphone stand, audio line of what I do not speak more, and buy good quality on the line.

This lesson is very easy right, class.

Please listen to the next section, "recorded instance of the hardware operations,"

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