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GPS clock synchronization

HJ210-CDMA NTP network time server

------ Easy to install a network time server


The communication line of various communications equipment or computer equipment, the time information (date when minutes and seconds) based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time limited error range is small enough, this synchronization process is called synchronization. Computer time clock used to record the event information, such as E-MAIL messages, file creation and access time, the database processing time. If the computer clock inaccurate, then many of these applications will not work. Time-sensitive computer systems, such as the financial industry server, EDI, large-scale distributed commercial databases, such as aerospace control computer must have accurate time information.

CDMA network operators need high-precision time synchronization. To this end, each CDMA base stations are equipped with GPS or Compass synchronization and time in UTC to synchronize base station equipment and base stations of CDMA users within the scope of services. Meanwhile, the base station with the satellite signal monitoring capabilities and high-precision time keeping function of time can provide a reliable guarantee accuracy.

HJ210-CDMA is a company designed a self-developed high-performance rack-mount NTP network time server, the product integrates a CDMA receiver module and high-performance industrial motherboard, network access through CDMA UTC time information, can be very facilitate the deployment of CDMA signals in any place, especially for the deployment of outdoor GPS antenna in the convenient layout of network communications engine room. In addition, because the CDMA antenna conveniently placed indoors, the weather can completely eliminate lightning damage to equipment.

HJ210-CDMA equipment with efficient Linux systems, with four independent 10M/100M Ethernet ports, respectively in different segments of the IP address configured so that multiple users can share a different business network time server. The product also supports NTP V1 ~ V4 (RFC1119 & 1305), SNTP4.0 (RFC 2030), MD5 Authentication (RFC 1321), Telnet (RFC854), FTP (RFC959) and other agreements, while the product management software with the Windows graphical interface can be remote management, configuration, monitoring server running.

The product overall system power consumption, with no fan design, operation stable and reliable for computer networks, computer applications, process control management system, e-commerce systems, online B2B system and database system preservation and maintenance standards for precision time signal and time stamp services for the telecommunications, finance, electricity, transport, industry and national defense fields.

Technical Features

Support Agreement:

NTP v1, v2, v3, v4 (RFC1119 & 1305) agreement

NTP Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, Manycast

SNTP [RFC1769] protocol


DAYTIME [RFC867] SNTP4.0 (RFC 2030)

MD5 Authentication (RFC 1321)

SSH / SCP (Internet Draft) Protocol

SNMP V1 V2 protocol

MIB II (RFC1213)

RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm

Telnet (RFC854) protocols

DHCP (RFC2131) protocol

FTP (RFC959) protocols

IPV4, IPV6, Ipv6 Hybrid Protocol

CDMA network clock reference model, a network time server

Windows graphical interface, remote configuration, management and monitoring

High brightness VFD LCD display time, network cards status, work status, and information systems

Physical isolation of each other with four independent 10/100Base-T network port, four ports can be configured to use a flexible, can be used in a growing dynamic network environment; also be used for different subnets or different physical isolation network. In addition, NTP can also be used as a gateway to use, so four times the physical isolation of the network share server resources.

Efficient embedded Linux systems, high-performance industrial motherboard, shock, no hard drive, fanless design, stable and reliable, MTBF> 80000 灏忔椂

Support WINDOWS9X, WINDOWS NT/2000/XP/2003/vista, LINUX, UNIX, SUN SOLARIS, IBM AIX and other operating system that supports the standard NTP protocol routers, switches and other network equipment

A variety of configuration, use the Console mode, Telnet, windows remote and SSH for remote management, configuration and upgrade

Network management protocol supports SNMP V1, V2 protocol

Detailed logging, time synchronization events can be recorded

Multiple operating modes to prevent the interruption of regular service:

CDMA reference source operating modes: default mode, get UTC time from the CDMA network.

From the NTP mode: can be set from the upstream NTP server or peer to take time. (Or taken by IRIG-B time code signal)

A wide range of CDMA coverage, signal strength, easy to install

Outdoor antenna without layout, you can completely eliminate the damage of equipment lightning weather


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